Who Other than that Desires to Free their Upholstery from Persistent Spills, Musty Aroma, Vanished Patches & and a Usually Unpleasant Presence?

That way too without needing to reduce a hole in your wallet or break into your life’s quantity of savings…

Life bears its large concerns, and then simply there is also that minimal stuff that maintain chipping away inside and contributing to your entire pressure. All of us detest that, don’t we? Soiled , discolored or odor-filled upholstery is just one such matter…

It could not feel amazing whenever you invite somebody over but then end up with needing to conceal the spots and patches with cushions… or even any time you negotiate on your own down on your couch after an extended day’s job , but then unexpectedly be aware of the little insects undiscovered last night…

Very well , the cause we are running a business at Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning will be to minimize you of such type of a stress . Here are the things you can acquire with our upholstery cleaning services:

  • Complete freedom from difficult stains… Certainly, we could take away oil, meals spots, family pet urine as well as the remains to be from all types of fluid spillages
  • Revival of your upholstery’s original colors – overall elimination of vanished patches from your sofas, seats as well as other upholstered furnishings products!
  • Removal of all unpleasant odors and contaminants from your upholstery, including bacteria, fungi, mold, deeply embedded dirt and allergens such as pollen and pet dander

And finally, you receive back again the fresh appearing, brilliant and sweet smelling upholstery you once had! Are you able to think about the lift this will likely portray to the over-all atmosphere at your residence?

And then how much really does all of this expense? Well, simply just a little fraction of what you may would certainly invest in brand new upholstery!

Prepared to provide your whole residential home a raise? All you have to perform is communicating with us. The most basic method would be to sign up for the on the net scheduled appointment form to the right , and right away claim a a 10% discount on our upholstery cleaning services!

Alternatively, you could  call at (310) 734-4595, and get a telephone appointment with our upholstery cleaning experts for your home or business.

Are you thinking right this moment why should you in any way think about specialist upholstery cleaning , particularly if you vacuum cleaner and clean your upholstery frequently , also it would not seem noticeably dusty ? Definitely, the time has come you have to be aware of a couple of information:

  • Your upholstery vacuum-cleaning device is mostly inadequate against a large number of impurities , this includes fungi , microorganisms , mildew ,dirt mites , and even allergic reactions , particles and contaminants which have obtained engraved strong into your materials
  • Deadly microorganisms and dirt and dust mites are completely responsible for asthma disease , a variety of other respiratory conditions , in addition to a depreciating autoimmune system
  • If you will have a house pet and its own urine is not wiped clean out carefully , the stink will ultimately scatter to your other household products , such as rugs and carpets
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) , household air quality is truly one of the gravest ecological dangers for individuals – and your upholstery is an important determining factor of the air in your home
  • Children , family pets along with the older people are the majority of susceptible to the health problems brought on by dusty upholstery

The query is: when there is a method away, for what reason continues to introduce all your family members to wellbeing problems?

Nicely, you may well be asking yourself at this point what might make us suitable for this work? A lot! Here’s exactly what we have…

  • A comprehensive staff of completely skilled , qualified and knowledgeable upholstery cleaning professionals – this is not such an entry level one-man display with a website…
  • A complete assortment of upholstery cleaning devices and products , as well as the functionality to clean every type of upholstery material , which includes overpriced leather-based , polyester , vinyl fabric , plastic material , cotton and wool
  • No ‘standard’ upholstery cleaning procedures – every single cleaning task we overcome is custom-delivered
  • Complete licensing and specialist insurance protection – we are authentic , we manufacture a legal contract before dealing with your cleaning task , and we are able to endure complete responsibility for your upholstered products while they are still in our proper care

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And here’s how we operate…

  • Our authorities will be able to get a scheduled visit, and start off by checking the kind of fabric material and situation of your upholstery. Based upon their evaluation , they will often let you know precisely what types of cleaning you may want
  • If you find yourself prepared to complete the job , we will commence immediately or at any given time easiest to you
  • If you will have leather upholstery , the whole cleaning is going to be performed by manual
  • After the cleaning , we provide to protect your upholstered material with a covering of Scotch Guard 3M ( strongly recommended )
  • After the work , we are going to accomplish a final evaluation in your existence – appreciate the improvement by yourself !

Keep in mind, for people with any questions, worries or specific requirements; we are consistently prepared to assist!

With a whole lot being offered, would you wonder of which we have plenty of completely satisfied consumers in your community? Just pay attention to what a variety of them will have to declare regarding our services:


Nannie Lundahl

When my friend spilled her red wine on my couch and on my rug I thought that I was going to have to get rid of it. I called Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning. I wasn’t sure they could get it out without ruining the upholstery itself.

When I explained this to the technician he gave it a look and assured me he could remove it. So I waited and he was right! I was so grateful to not have to replace my couch or my rug! I couldn’t believe my eyes my couch is red wine stain free and cleaner than ever. Thank you Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning.

Clare Massengill

Last year for Valentine’s day my boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to get a puppy, needless to say “ Nugget” had a hard time potty training. We called Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning to come clean and deodorize our carpets and upholstery.

We were impressed with their work so after our super bowl party this year we called them again. There were several stains that needed some extra attention and we weren’t sure would come out but they were able to remove them completely.

I have recommended them to friends, family and coworkers.

Thank you!

Kurt Mahnke

I needed carpet and sofa cleaned when I moved into my new home here in LA. I was new to town so I did some research and asked a few neighbors. The general consensus was to call Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning. I called and booked an appointment right away.

Their prices are fair and their work is incomparable. Their technician was helpful answering all my questions concerning the products(hypo-allergenic & non-toxic) and the cleaning method.

I was impressed with not only the workmanship but the customer service as well. From beginning to end it was one of the best experiences I’ve had here so thank you Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning.


So, how does it work then? You pay up, and then hope we deliver a good job? Not exactly! We are willing to guarantee that we will deliver an excellent upholstery cleaning job.

If you are not satisfied with our service, we will be happy to come back and clean your upholstery all over again, free of cost!



Remember, at Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning you will find what you always look for from a professional service: expert workmanship and sensitivity to your needs and concerns…

So, make contact with us without having delay! Sign up for the internet appointment form to the right on this page, and obtain a 10% discount on our upholstery cleaning services quickly.

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Make a start, offer protection to your upholstery and off your problems !

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