Whatever would it decide to try to possess rugs that appear spectacular, scent wonderful, really feel in good health, and contribute substantial significance to your home’s appearance?

Our expert proficiency combined with a small amount of collaboration from your part. And, we have been becoming unquestionably trustworthy right here!

Rugs are usually more compared to furnishings for your own floor. They really are a thing of beauty in independently and are entitled to appropriate treatment and maintenance, should you wish to have them in brand new situation for a few years to arrive.

For those people who are prepared to be resistant to the rug’s traditional importance, it still corresponds to a considerable expenditure on your behalf. And, similar to almost every investment decision, it is advisable to commit effort and time to guarantee it proceeds appearing gorgeous right now and permanently.

Before you decide to consider it, allow us to provide you with current on the single-most crucial reality you should know regarding cleaning rugs .Vacuum-cleaning are not the answer you are searching for.

Despite the fact that it really does assist in keeping the rug clean at first glance , a vacuum is not the be all and conclude all when considering maintenance of rugs .

Why exactly? Just because, among something else, it is not capable of having rid of dirt and grime accumulation that occurs strong inside the materials of the rug.

Just in case you failed to understand, this kind of accumulation will surely have adverse reactions on the credibility of your rug. Regardless of impacting its actual elegance and overall look, it really works like sandpaper on the pile, producing it to deteriorate ahead of when you might consider.

Much more serious, in spite of this, is the condition that the soil and dirt lurking deeply inside the rug might have an adverse influence on your good health and that of your loved ones, due to the fact it works like a reproducing ground for particles mites and a host of additional hazardous micro-organisms.

This scenario is perfectly inappropriate to our group of professionals. Consequently, what we guarantee you, starting from the very first cleaning procedure onwards is…

  • Rugs that are as clean as they are healthy
  • Reversal of the effects of wear and tear
  • Colors that are vibrant and beautiful
  • Patterns that jump up and mesmerize you like you were looking at it through 3D glasses
  • A soft and plush feel under your feet
  • Freedom from dust, dirt, soil, pollutants, and micro-organisms
  • Floor furnishings are a source of compliments not criticism

What exactly we guarantee we provide promptly.

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Have you been slightly reluctant to make contact with us for the reason that you have no idea who we are? That’s merely normal. Of course, we haven’t been appropriately announced.

Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning is a regionally purchased and controlled business. We’ve created a label for ourselves in the local community for our function ethic and dedication to excellent.

We may not be the greatest label in the rug cleaning field and we are unable to manage the glitz, glamour and exhibit of power which is generally connected with large companies, however we a lot more than constitute for you’re with our customized and pleasant client service.

Every time you secure exhausted from struggling with automatic devices and robotic client service acquaintances, arrive directly to us and expertise the stimulating transform of human being connections.

Our entire philosophy is tailored to provide 100% customer satisfaction. That is why, among other things, we offer

  • Trained & experienced rug cleaning professionals who are prepared to be wanting to solution every bit of your rug cleaning inquiries
  • Free pick-up & drop service that guarantees you aren’t stressed out in any respect
  • Thorough rug cleaning and remarkable outcomes with revolutionary devices
  • Prompt answer valuable time so that you never need to wait or listen to uninteresting reasons
  • Top quality cleaning agents that can be difficult on stains and mild on the rug
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions which do not reveal your family members , children , and house pets to harmful chemical substances

We great pride our self-image on our job ethic. It’s offered as a strong source for our company.

We will not deal with you prefer work sheets; we will not consider when it comes to final expenses and income margins.

We get pleasure from working with you, as individuals, not simply consumers who might need services. That’s just how we’ve was able to develop lasting associations with a lot of property owners who’ve appointed our service.

You don’t need to obtain our term for this; however you will need to believe that these convincing testimonies remained for us by past customers.



Teddy Spielberg

I remodeled my home this winter and wanted to have my rugs cleaned professionally. I called several different places I was fed up. Between outrageous prices and lack of availability I almost just did it myself.

I made one final call to Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning. They gave me a reasonable quote and asked if I needed same day service! I booked on the spot! I wasn’t sure what to expect but they surpassed my expectations and more.

My rugs are immaculate and I didn’t pay an arm and a leg! They were professional and courteous. Prompt reliable service and fair pricing has made me a fan of Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning!

Nina Adams

I had several area rugs I needed cleaned and wasn’t sure where I would be able to get them professionally done. I called Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning and was happy to hear they handled my type of rugs and could come to my home and do the cleaning.

They were very professional and easy to work with. They answered all my questions and came right away. I was concerned about one of the rugs that has several small stains just because they had been there for so long. I asked if they would be able to get them out to which I heard “Yes Ma’am!” I was skeptical but it turned out for the best because now I have great looking clean rugs and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks!

Linda Lundahl

When my friend spilled her red wine on my couch and on my rug I thought that I was going to have to get rid of it. I called Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning. I wasn’t sure they could get it out without ruining the upholstery itself.

When I explained this to the technician he gave it a look and assured me he could remove it. So I waited and he was right! I was so grateful to not have to replace my couch or my rug! I couldn’t believe my eyes my couch is red wine stain free and cleaner than ever. Thank you Lomita Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning.


If, after the cleaning session, you are not “floored” (no pun intended) by the results, get in touch with us and we’ll come back and clean everything for you … FREE OF CHARGE!

That’s not all. If there are any accidents, stains or spills during the guarantee period – we take the responsibility of cleaning it ABSOLUTELY FREE!


How many companies will be able to match up to the offer we are making you?

We are guessing not too many… Since you’ve found one that is both competent and trustworthy, why would you want to let it go?

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