Cleaning Your Home’s Air Ducts

Your home’s air conditioning air-con systems circulate the air through a couple of ducts in your house’s crawl spaces. In most systems the sieves are made to trap any dirt before it enters this ductwork but overtime they become dirty. It is possible for you to clean the ducts and also their covers and exchange the filters themselves without hiring knowledgeable cleaning service. All you need is time and a few common household tools.

The first step is to find out if the air ducts need cleaning. Try to find the grills and also if they appear to be covered with dirt or lint then they most likely will need to be cleaned. When the grill’s exterior appears clean you must still eliminate the grill to inspect the wall across the area wherein the duct contacts with the construction material. Whether it is dirty then you will want to clean them even when the grills appear clean.

To do this task you will want:

• Replacement filters
• Rags
• Soft brushes
• Vacuum cleaner generated a brush head for the hose attachment
• Screwdriver
• Gloves

It is essential to don’t forget to switch off the air-con or heating units prior to your cleaning job and inspecting the filters. You will have to take the filters out to look at them so if dirty replace them. When buying filters there is information regarding as soon as the manufacture suggests the intervals that this filter needs to be changed. Usually this must be carried out approximately every six months.

The next step is to eliminate all the return and air duct covers, being very careful not to eliminate the screws straight into the air ducts. The covers must be cleaned because if they’re dirty the ducts is not going to stay clean. Thoroughly brush all of the grill surfaces with the soft brush after which wipe them first with a moist rag after which a dry one. You possibly can clean the ducts themselves by vacuuming the regions that can be reached by the brush attachment and hose. Be careful you don’t puncture them if they’re soft sided. Once you are done vacuuming gently brush them and wipe in the dry rag. Just be sure you don’t trap any moisture within the system. To ensure you happen to have the dust out vacuum them again.

Replace all the return and duct vent grills and if you cleaned any inside just remember to vacuum the space around where you might cleaned. While the ability is off you need to move the coil and fan covers and clean the cooling coils of the air con and heater fan blades in the vacuum brush attachment. Should you not feel confident cleaning them hire knowledgeable to wash the blades and coils.

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